Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Up and running again!

Hey everyone, I have finally gotten back on the net after my move across the country!

I apologize for just dropping off the face of the net.

I'm still not unpacked as my new "condo" (as I am telling all the ladies it is) is still not finished. I had a few walls to rebuild after I lifted the roof up with my truck's jack because the roof sagged as a house built in 1877 didn't have the roof joices sitting on top of the front truss, just nailed to the side. I'm just waiting on a rug now and then I can move in my leather chair and TV and I am set!

I'm still not totally finished my board. It needs to be polished and the pressure valve needs to be put in place yet. I'm gonna do that after I polish.

One note, don't use the UV varnish that I used. Go with more coats of Epoxy. It works soooo much better than the varnish as it doesn't set as fast or streak as much. Spend the extra 75 bucks, you'll be thankful.

In september I am going to the PHiladelphia Wooden Boat Factory to school. I haven't fully scouted out schools, but this one is high on the list. I'm not sure on the curriculum yet, but I'll be going for at least a year. It's an internship in Maritime construction. I have never been more stoked. I'm going to try and get a job with Whole Foods so I can get medical benefits as the school won't accept anyone without medical bennies.

Well, ya'all, there is a south swell tomorrow (Wed) possible and the wind is gonna go offshore at 15 to 20mph, I'm not set up for it totally, but my bro and I are gonna try and hit it. He's not surfed in 7 years, hes getting to use the fish and me the con. then me on the fish!

I want to take out the Rainstick, but it's not polished and ready to go here. If I took it out in this sun it would pop!

the sun here is NOT like I remembered! I'm fried from 5 fishing trips. Yesterday, I took off my shirt............MISTAKE even with 50 spf sunblock.

So far I have caught 5 catfish (blues and bullheads), 2 small mouth bass, 3 striped bass, countless perch for bait, one walleye and a little neato rock bass which I may go recatch and put in a 60 gallon fishtank because it is an incredibly beautiful little fish under 5 inches.

I hope that you all haven't given up on this blog because my next projects in woodworking are going to be up on here!

And what is even more RAD is that the boat building school that I am thinking of has a wood surfboard class that they build GRAIN SURFBOARDS at!!!! I have an erection !!!!