Monday, November 17, 2008

Searching for Lex

Dude, where the eff are you?

Just so I know where not to be.



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Turkey Day Approacheth

Thanksgiving '96'

That's right folks it's that time of the year again! To many it means the stresses of having family over and having to cook a huge meal, yadda me it means one of the best times to catch fish! So in the age old honored tradition that my brother and I have, we are going to go fishing. Holiday trips either fishing or surfing usually produce good results! Back in the day it seemed that the surf was usually good in some form or fashion, but surfing has taken a back burner recently for a number of reasons, one being that I am fat. But fishing has been known to produce as well and is kinda fun. Not like surfing, but it is a great nature vibe. Besides, fall stripers are back in town and now it's the big males that we are (hopefully) catching. Day after Thanksgiving we might go out on a head boat at Island Beach State Park which in the last week has been slaying the huge blues and the stripers are starting to trickle in. And then after all that, I have a date! Yeah check that out! A young lass and I are going to take a tour of the city via horse and buggy. Should be a lot of fun as I haven't done that before and she is good company.

The only glitch is that I am supposed to cook on turkey day. Yeah, uhmmmmm, so what I did was order the complete meal from Whole roam turkey and organic side dishes.... and will hopefully be back in time to throw that prepped turkey in the cooker. This is where I praise cell phones (which is not a common thing for me) because I have a feeling my dad is going to get a call from the boat asking him to toss in the turkey as I promise to be back in time to cook the rest of the fixins. yeyah! plan of action!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pretty Girls

A man is tormented.

The ultimate question is: does he turn in his lonely freedom for domestication?

I've struggled with this my whole life.

This Einstein quote grabs me:

I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.

And then, there are these quotes;

No, this trick won't work...How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

I then refer back to the first quote and ask myself at what age comes maturity?

I put in my time playing the role. Much shorter than most. Short enough to avoid that routine that people fall into and then fall apart. But long enough to somewhere in the recesses of my brain to realize that this was not the optimal situation. I liked where I was in that role. I truly did. I liked who I spent all of my time with. I truly did. At the time I was convinced that she was truly the one to grow old with. Somewhere in those recesses of my brain, the answer was known just not spoken. Could I have made her to be that one that is the true balance of freedom and domestication? Because such a relationship exists.......I think. I'm pretty sure that I have witnessed it in some of my dearest friends. Or I think I have. I probably could have made her that. And she could have made that same choice. It would not be that true balance.

So what is a person to do? Wait for that balance? Be a giggalo (seems to be the best option sometimes) in the meantime? Be lonely in the meantime? OR hop into something monogamous but not with that true balance?

Best yet, why worry about it?

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wissinoming Brewing Co. got in full swing today after much waiting for brew kettles and sundry items befuddled by a nasty sinus infection. So in the much admired (by me) tradition of brewing beer as they do in Oregon, Ian and I got soaking wet in the rain cleaning crap out by the hose outside. Brewing beer on a rainy day, how my Oregon bretheren would be proud. And the temperature outside was a balmy 45 degrees as Oregon is most of the year! I'm homesick, can you tell?

Ian brought up a bit of irony as we yakked about Oregon weather. He said that brewing in Oregon now is like what it used to be like here in Philly. Philadelphia in the 19th century had in the area of 1200 brew pubs. I think ideally that things have changed much since then. Well, prohibition killed ALL of the small breweries. Very beneficial for those very few that were able to survive and completely dominate the market. I'm not gonna flame all of the survivors as corrupt entities in my conspiracy theory banter because there was a brewery in Portland, Oregon called Henry Weinhard's that survived by brewing Root beer and Orange creme soda, a few others did as well. But what I am talking about ultimately is how people have changed due to whatever circumstances. Philadelphia at one time was the center of culture and progressiveness on the east coast (shared of course with it's other major coastal cities) and now it seems almost dead to what it once was. I can't see the brew pub culture that is so strong in Oregon being popular in more than a few sections of the city not to mention the whole state! Although I am hearing good things about Pittsburg. For the last 15 to 20 years I hear it has turned itself around and has a pretty progressive attitude. Though I have never been. What I am saying is that I would like to see areas other than college towns take on a better view of the world around here on the east coast. Well now that I think of it, those rural farm towns in Oregon seem to be on the same "head up their azz" track as some of the short sighted thinkers around here.

The connection here is that brew pubs (public houses) were places where things happened. They were cultural hubs and I think we need to bring back that atmosphere if this country is to prosper. I read an awesome little article today in: the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News called Landmark Taverns, by Rich Wagner about such things. Major issues debated, governments gathered and formed, the Liberty bell was hidden from the English in 1777, how they were centers of commerce and even courtrooms and how inkeepers were highly repected. Mr. Wagner is writing a book on the topic. He is speaking November 22 @ 2PM @ the Philadelphia Brewing company. I do beleive that I would like to attend!!

Wiss-Brau is just a name for Ian and mine's homebrew. But there is a dream of a public house in there somewhere. Maybe one day there may be another cool public house where the Delaware River meets the Tacony/Palmyra bridge and lads and lasses can relax and shoot the shite about every topic under the sun, or to find a quiet corner to read, or even to have an occasional live band play. A place where the past, present, and future come together over a tankard of ale and some crusty bread and cheese!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Spring Fishing Pics

Female Stripers. First pic is my bro and a big ol cow and then me with a smaller one

Friday, June 27, 2008


Funny story. I was working on board Gazela Primera ( yesterday replanking the hull and we finished up about 18:30. We grabbed some coldies, and sat down on the hull out of the sun. Good stuff, drinking coldies, laughing about my new nickname "Get off of me" with my new friends "Oh God, faster faster" and "Is it in Yet?" and watching the bike that I had just donated to the ship get stolen right before our eyes just 20 feet away (third bike in 2 days). Luckily Oh God, Faster Faster was fast on his bike because he (50 yrs) ran the kids down (who were 14 and had a good 200 meters on him) and got the bike back after being called a "dickhead"! Well, this made for good conversation for sure! And when it started dying down a beautiful girl rides up the dock on her collapsible bike. She was, to me, obviously European. I don't know why. Gentle mannerisms, her hair style (above shoulder length, black, curly mussed up beautiful hair), wonderful nose, big beautiful eyes, like I said, beautiful. I spotted her as instantly as I had spotted that brat putting his leg over on my bike, although this time I did not yell at the top of my lungs "Hey! Get off of my bike!" All I said to Faster Faster was "Wow, she's beautiful." in low tones, almost muttering to myself. It was apparent that she was interested in the ship so Faster Faster gave her a tour. Being most appreciative to Faster Faster, I offered our host and his new friend a drink. DENIED! Ha Ha Ha! Here I was thinking that I was being brushed off. But in actuality, it was for good reason. After her tour, Mira (as she introduced herself to us) was showing her bike to Faster Faster and we all had a brief chat. She said that she was having a concert tonight, I asked what kind, she replied "electro" I was like, cool, what's the name of the band, Ladytron she replied, I was like, cool...........having no idea of the popularity of the band which I now believe is worldwide. It's so cool when musicians and celebrities aren't bungholes! She gave Faster Faster and I free admission to the show and buzzed off on her bike. I went to the show a bit late and learned at the box office that Faster Faster had snaked my ticket and given it to a woman! I wasn't peeved, just broke and couldn't afford the price of admission. The awesome girl in the box let me in for free anyway and if I had been in better financial status, I would have bought her a drink. The show was awesome. Never seen or heard their music before. Had a fun time bobin up and down. Mira was gorgeous (guess which one from picture). They did an encore and I left apres encore and grabbed theee best falafel pita I had ever had! Ladytron is playing in Baltimore tonight. I'm going to boring Connecticut for a boat show. I'd rather finish planking the hull of Gazela with my new friends and take a road trip to Baltimore! Ah lost love! Ha ha ha.

Awesome light show Mira, btw...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

School's OUT !

OK OK, so like last week was the end of the school year and I have been like a kid in a candy shop self indulging on "me time". It's been awesome. I've been getting up early and doing chores like paying my bills that I have forgotten about for 5 months and getting them in one day before defaulting and things like going for bike rides on my 3 speed cruiser (that bike is so laid back). I'm diggin it pretty much except for the rear pedal brakes, tough to get used to. It's not really a trail bike, just for pavement so I may have to buy my old trail bike back from someone I sold it to years ago.

I'm getting the shop more and more in shape and am gearing up for a summer of woodworking and possibly more. I have some projects slated and some offers to build boards for some folks as well, so I'm hoping that I am going to learn a lot more this summer! I'd love to take a trip up to Maine to visit that new Grain Surfboard shop and enroll in their boardbuilding class! Their shop is state of the my book...........and very interesting to me. Those guys are so laid back too. I'm just stoked to see that packed shop of my family's from last year start to look like a real shop instead of a storage unit! It's not easy cleaning up 30 years or more of "stuff". I'm stoked to have the freedom to do it now!

Tonight I went diving into a pool on the Wissahickon Creek called Devil's Pool with some close friends. It was dark, the water is mega-tainted with fecal coliform due to the numerous sites surrounding the pool laiden with partially degraded toilet paper. It's truly disgusting how uninformed people are in cities. The areas that need the most education on pollution are often the least. It's a shame really because it is a gorgeous area of the city! I scouted out the scene by clambering into the pool gingerly at first, then did a canonball after Kristy dove in off an eight foot high ledge. "Bomb" cut his fingers trying to open a forty with a rock and couldn't go in as it would have been a mistake with the high poo levels. Ian jumped in and then Kristy once again. We got erked by the inability to see where we were jumping and carefully plodded down the rocky path back to Kristy's car. It was fun while it lasted and good to see Bomb and Kristy again as they are positive thinkers and give off a good vibe. We chatted about future plans and made some tentative future get togethers such as possibly biking across the Ben Franklin Bridge tomorrow or doing some fountain hopping. Sounds fun! I hope that we all stay in touch as making friends and moving on has been such a big part of my life that I'd like to actually stay in touch with friends for once. It's a fact of life, especially in our more mobile society, to have to move on and leave friends behind, but in the same token the process of making those friends (and new ones) is what makes life worth living. We had an informal discussion tonight about what makes life worth while and I didn't have much input until now, but I think connecting with others and making new friends is quite fulfilling. Many people think that leaving your mark on the world is something to strive for. Some everlasting epitaph patting oneself on the back (sounds kind of selfish doesn't it? I didn't really mean it to because multitudes have left a humanitarian or compassionate mark on the world). I guess this is OK, but many of us may not be able to achieve such a position. Realistically, touching those around us is important to our well being. Too, sensitive. Time to go..........

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pray for Snow

Yup, I'm praying. I only do this when puking and when I'm hoping to have a day off from work. When I'm puking it's usually a prayer that I live another day, but last week, I was puking and praying for the good lord (Alanis Morrisette) to take me. Tonight I'm asking Alanis to bring me some snow. The brats at school and I have one thing in common this night!

Fact of the matter is, I've been here all winter and haven't seen ANY snow at all. Snow is like the only redeeming quality that an ugly city has! It quiets the noise and blankets the trash so that even an empty anti-freeze bottle in a junkyard can look cool for once!

Today was cool. I got a few crappy cell phone pictures of a Red-tail hawk eating a pigeon! Nature taking a swipe at an invasive specie! I love it! I didn't think much of hawks a few years ago when one ate my invasive specie pet parrot............sigh. I miss Pietro.

Anyway, I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment with this whole snow thing. If so, there will be some longwinded essay on disappointment and unrequited love in my next post!

Stay tuned!

Monday, February 11, 2008

On a roll

Cheese Cosmo:

On an 8 inch Italian roll spread mayo? and layer with provolone cheese, add shredded lettuce, light peppercini, italian dressing (or oil and vinegar) seasonings, and garlic powder, toast for 4 minutes in 4oo degree oven.

Do I have that right?

The Havoc!

Today between trips to the water closet I got an email from a freind from.........yes I spelled freind wrong........I always do..........a freind from Lock Haven saying to check my myspace (which I do about every 7 months). So I did and got a blast from the past of some very dear memories. A friend named Terri had contacted me and filled me in on the goings on in that town in which I spent too many years (for more than one reason as I really didn't like the town all that much......LOL let's just say there was a contest going on with a group of fellows as to how many semesters we could stay freshmen, I remember hearing "seventh semester freshman" muttered once and felt defeated).

But Terri's group of freinds are a part of a family that belonged to a house just up the street from the campus. The Havoc was the name of the house. It soon became the Thursday night destination for me and a small core of freinds. Mostly it was just me and Lex. What attracted Lex and I didn't always attract the others because they were also interested in frat parties and well, personally, frat parties sucked. The only cool one got closed down early on in 86, if you can even call it cool. It wasn't, I was just awed by the lineup of 17 or more kegs. The Havoc was cool. That year was the end all and be all of party houses. I was glad to catch it before the LCB busted those other parties and sent everything underground. The Havoc was accepting and homey like no other. Each room had a different atmosphere all equally mellow and inviting. Most occupied was "The Swamp", Shag's refuge and who knows who elses before him as I was a late comer to the whole thing. Shag had the swamp set up just like Hawkeye's and Trapper John's tent (BJ was , well.......not Trapper) in the crazy 4077th. Actually, it was set up better and had the occasional game of "Beer Trek" happening. Beer Trek!

The other rooms were deemed for veterans only usually and I was rarely granted access being a newbie. I have only good memories of the Swamp and it's occupants. Only good memories of those parties except once, being the bastards Lex and I were, we stole Elio's pizza and frozen swedish meatballs from the freezer of our brothers. Shag and that peanut butter eating freak...(having trouble recalling the bearded one's name..ANDY?) chased Dave and I a bit, but soon gave up. I felt bad about it (the pizza probably made me sick anyway) but they didn't care.

I do, however, have bad bad bad memories of Friday morning Biology lab and smelling the formalin..............barfing is not fun!

Happiest moments: tending bar and sneaking tap hits (Andy was the one to pass me the was like rites of passage, I remember the look on my face, or better yet, what it must have looked of amazement, joy and gratitude........Thanks Andy, sorry about eating all of your Peter Pan), standing on the radiator in the taproom observing and enjoying the people and vibe, sitting on the roof drinking, Beer Trek, the recliner with the cupholders, and the people.

A while back there was a site up made by Weasle about the Havoc. Does that still exist? I never got the full history of the Havoc. I'm interested in hearing it.

I haven't posted here in ages! For those just catching up with me, please track back and see some of my photos of Oregon and such. If there are any up anymore.

For my freinds in Oregon.........I'm glad your Govenor was smart enough to stop giving illegal aliens drivers licenses! Oh yeah, well I miss you all or something like that. Been doing lots of fishing and teaching. Slowly getting my woodworking shop set up in the back. Start sending in those wood surfboard orders! I'm trying to hook up with an old buddy who is farming Paulonia wood and I want to experiment with that wood for shaping. I got some mega tools for sanding and shaping and well, one day I'll use them! OK, way tired. Gotta bolt.

Terri, thanks for the inspiration!

Next up for me is wooden boat making school on weekends in March and My Coast Guard Captains license course in April........wish me luck!

PIC is my buddy Ian and myself one night working on a presentation for school to get a rugby team going......maybe next year.