Sunday, September 30, 2007


To my friend! She said yes!

What else can I say other than I knew it from the start.

Some confluences are felt deep within our hearts.

Seen to those who are our best of chums.

Fill our spinnakers, spill the doldrums!

Well wishes given, but not needed.

The future of soulmates is well seeded!

Now, who's got my airfare? LOL

Monday, September 24, 2007


I apologize for the interlude between my posts once again. Sigh. I wish I could spend more time talking to you all in this forum. Your comments mean a lot to me as do your blogs. I am proud to have such good freinds (dod dammut I can never spell that right!)!

I wish my writings more poetic. My technical style pathetic.

Words from my mind do not flow as easy as some we are proud to know.

Bonfires on the beach seem so far from my reach.

Netarts seemed boring and empty, Philly's its nemesis, crazy.

Love what you have Oregon, keep it before the glory's gone.

Like the cedar be strong and weed out the throngs.

Fall is starting here. Trees are starting to change. I greet the seasons with longing. As wonderful as Oregon is, the seasons are not as apparent. Nights are cooler although the days still hot and muggy. I hear of the melting Arctic and look around me at the culprits. They are also more apparent here. Unfortunately, one cannot go canoeing without hearing a car in the distance.

But still, the trees change, the nights get cooler and one can reminisce of the Hallow's Eve when it snowed, or the year I dressed up as an astronaut with the kazoo fronted helmet. I remember the torn grocery bag that my candy spilled out of and how the next year I donned a pillowcase. More durable. I was serious about my candy. Almost as serious as the few quarters we might gleen at Christmas time singing carols that we forgot the words to!

This season I'm looking forward to a few go outs in 3 foot ground swells and a backpacking trip in November, then December, then January. I get lots of vacation time now. Jewish and Christian holidays. If there is any argument for religion.......that is certainly a teachers'.

Thanks Slim, thanks sspider, thanks Mr. Zero.

Perhaps I can save up a little sumtin sumtin for a fare in the future.