Sunday, September 30, 2007


To my friend! She said yes!

What else can I say other than I knew it from the start.

Some confluences are felt deep within our hearts.

Seen to those who are our best of chums.

Fill our spinnakers, spill the doldrums!

Well wishes given, but not needed.

The future of soulmates is well seeded!

Now, who's got my airfare? LOL


ssspider said...

who do we congratulate? email me!

Doughboy said...

We figured out that 20% right quick.

You called it, a long time ago.

A visionary maybe....

Fish said...

sspider, I lost your address amoung so many others when I lost my peoplepc address. My new one is the same username

I can't get on the surfpage to retract some of my comments on there:-)