Monday, October 19, 2009


YAY! I'm getting wood for a new boat project from Bear Mountain Boats! Freedom 17. My friend Geoff gave me the forms for the canoe hull so that saves a bunch of time! Thanks Geoff. Geoff McKonly is a professional boat builder whom I worked for at the struggling Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory. I'm not quite sure that PWBF is still in business or not. But Geoff has a website and if you are looking for anything in the boat building realm. He's the guy to google.

My dad is buying the wood for this boat. It will be a pre milled kit as we don't have the tools just yet to mill our own. Nor do I have the desire to do so at this point. I do, however, have to get that radial arm saw running because the table saw that we have is a kids toy. I can't wait to use my new hand planes that I bought!

It is going to be a fun project with my dad and I working closely. I hope he doesn't strangle me! LOL

Above is a pic from someone elses project. Here is his link :

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Summer Shop

I had to scale down the size of the shop for the summer and enclose half of it in visqueen (sp?) and cool the other half to a frigid 82 degrees which is better than 95 to 100....that's effed up!

I'm putting a new varnish shell on that Grain Surfboard. I'm just piling them on, getting to learn the varnish, trying to get a really good finish. It is not easy! The air conditioner is helping remove some of the 90 % humidity in the air. It takes the varnish at least 12 hours to dry before I sand inbetween coats with 320 grit on the orbital sander.

Next board I am using my Lie Neilson plane instead of the sander! My lines are not fair because the sander is so round. I'm deeming sanders for superfine finishes only.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wiss Brau T Shirts

This is an ancient football referee from the east coast Lenape Tribe. They had a sport very similar to football, where they actually used an oblong hyde filled with straw and stitched up and played between two endzones with goal posts. I'm not sure if men competed against women or that the teams were integrated as research on the sport is limited. But this fella is a spirit who guides the sport. Pretty cool, eh? He/she kinda looks like a football!

Wissinoming Brewing

Hey y'all.

Been a bad. Facebook took over priority I guess, but you really can't blog on there.

Wiss Brau will be getting T-Shirts soon if you are interested. Although, I really don't consider myself a brewer yet as I am still using malt extracts intstead of doing it myself. The only way I am going to get great beer is if I actually "all grain" my beer. I mean it's good, but it's.......samey. I did 8 batches so far and some taste so similar because of the malt extract being the same. The malt extract I use though is AWESOME for the porters I've made!

I'm also going to build more wood craft in a few weeks. I"m putting a lumber order in for a canoe this week and I might buy another Grain surfboard kit as well.

I will post my pics of production as I go, but this intense heat is keeping me from any big projects.

Surf is coming! Tropical storms are heading this way. I'm fat. I most likely will watch other people surf! I have inner ear issues and no medical insurance....lame!

So keep an eye out for Wissinoming Brewing T Shirts for Octoberfest!

Later YO.