Monday, August 17, 2009

Wissinoming Brewing

Hey y'all.

Been a bad. Facebook took over priority I guess, but you really can't blog on there.

Wiss Brau will be getting T-Shirts soon if you are interested. Although, I really don't consider myself a brewer yet as I am still using malt extracts intstead of doing it myself. The only way I am going to get great beer is if I actually "all grain" my beer. I mean it's good, but it's.......samey. I did 8 batches so far and some taste so similar because of the malt extract being the same. The malt extract I use though is AWESOME for the porters I've made!

I'm also going to build more wood craft in a few weeks. I"m putting a lumber order in for a canoe this week and I might buy another Grain surfboard kit as well.

I will post my pics of production as I go, but this intense heat is keeping me from any big projects.

Surf is coming! Tropical storms are heading this way. I'm fat. I most likely will watch other people surf! I have inner ear issues and no medical insurance....lame!

So keep an eye out for Wissinoming Brewing T Shirts for Octoberfest!

Later YO.

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