Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Summer Shop

I had to scale down the size of the shop for the summer and enclose half of it in visqueen (sp?) and cool the other half to a frigid 82 degrees which is better than 95 to 100....that's effed up!

I'm putting a new varnish shell on that Grain Surfboard. I'm just piling them on, getting to learn the varnish, trying to get a really good finish. It is not easy! The air conditioner is helping remove some of the 90 % humidity in the air. It takes the varnish at least 12 hours to dry before I sand inbetween coats with 320 grit on the orbital sander.

Next board I am using my Lie Neilson plane instead of the sander! My lines are not fair because the sander is so round. I'm deeming sanders for superfine finishes only.

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