Thursday, August 20, 2009



Doughboy said...

I bet you cried when you got that.

Thorsten said...

Nice ink. My calf swelled when I got one but I didn't cry. Nice to see the varnish going on. I'm getting ready to glue the finbox blocks and leash plug block. Your rocker table is working like a charm.

Thorsten said...

Forgot to mention this video.
Unlike grain boards and I think it will be my next attempt at being a real surfer. Also diggin the vacuum orbital sander setup. Is that a wood fin on the shelf?

Fish said...

Thorsten! How the heck are ya? Great link!

Damn that Doughboy! I didn't cry! Although I do get asked if I am a Vancouver Canucks fan a lot!

Wood fin, yes! Made from an old Shmidt's brewery keg!!

Orbital sanders get me in trouble! They leave the finish too wavey.

A friend gave me a rocker table so now I no longer and am in need! Do you have my email address?

Thorsten said...

Nope. I have a old dusty memory it might be the first letter of your first name followed by your last name at gmail? Perhaps I'll send a test. I'm doing well thanks for asking and you?