Thursday, July 22, 2010



It's like there is a forum for everything! I'm now on a forum for thickness planers! There is so much helpful information out there!

I went to Delmont Lumber this weekend and bought Eastern White Cedar for my next "Root" project as well as some black walnut that I want to use for pinstripes on the deck.

I have been researching thickness planers and have decided that the low end ones are pieces of crap, but they are affordable and it sounds like if you baby them enough that they can be an alright tool to add to the collection. Just don't make deep cuts each pass. So I'm gonna get myself a used Rigid TP1300 for 250 bucks. There are bigger used 220 volt ones out there just above my price range and I really don't want to spend a whole lot of money right now....''unemployed'' 250 sounds right and I am only using it for this project and some of my canoe project that will hopefully start soon as well.

Back to Delmont Lumber. Peter Boyce proprietor AND inventor of a lateral wave energy convertor ( ) is quite an interesting character. Awesome individual who has invented and electrical generator from wave power. He's got quite a mind and his ideas are pretty sound. He's been working on it for 30 years trying to get the government interested. A few years back he had a fire that burnt down his house and most of his invention, and soon after his wife passed away. He's had it rough and deserves some attention for his baby. Give his link a read if you can!

See you all soon.