Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've been slacking! I find the blog a bit more difficult to post on than on facebook so I just did all my posting on there, which left some of you high and dry. My bad! So I will slowly pick up where I left off from gluing the deck planks on. Since then, I have finished this board and have another being sent right now. A ten foot "waterlog" from grain. Just the frame. I will mill my own planks again. Also Pop and I started on his canoe downstairs. We are just putting up the forms now. Taking a break though because he and mom are in Florida seeing the rat.

Ah, I see once again that I will have to "re-figure" out how to post pictures on here! Wutapain! I gotta go last pic first, first pic last and how to organize them? Dang I forget!

OK last pic first: Once the deck was glued on, the clamps were removed and all the excess wood around the edges were sawn off with the Japanese saw. The best thing I ever did was to buy this expensive hand plane from Lie Nielson. I used that to shape the rough outline of the board as you see in the last two pics.

The first pic: which should have been last is a necessary evil! Part of any job is cleaning up after yourself! That is like rule#1 and seems to be forgotten most often. But never by myself, Never!

A'ight, lemme get on to the next pics!

Laters and remember, Be Green and Flow! All you parents with runny noses who have kids in school know what I mean!

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