Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Canoe Trip on the Oswego

Sunday was a such a nice day!  I'm so glad that my dad and I coordinated a canoe trip on the Oswego River with Wade, his family, Joey G, and Lenka.  Perfect weather, good times, lots of fun.

We decided to rent out canoes from Mick's Canoe Rental in Chatsworth.  The cost per canoe was 55 bucks, not too bad and everything went smoothly on their part.  I highly recommend them.  Unfortunately Bel Haven no longer rents canoes, I really liked those guys!  I'm sure they are still in business with their paddlesports store so I will stop by and see them sometime soon. 

Some pics:
Do you like the cold camera effect?  I left the camera in the cooler. 
Pretty Cool.
 Wendy, Cork, and Lenka.
Cold Camera Lunch.
 Cold Camera Sean and Shelby.
 Normal Camera.
Wade, Sean, Cork, Shelby, Lenka and Wendy.
Joey on Camera.
 Wade, Sean, Joey, Lenka, Shelbmeister, and Wendell.
Cork on Camera.
 "Joe hit every log there was!" -Shelby
 Nice day!
 Awesome hat!

 My Hat is Better.


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