Saturday, May 7, 2011

Freedom Picture Gallery Hull Stripping Take TWO!

Since the strips on this canoe run pretty much parallel to the waterline that would make the profile of the gunwales low and flat. This is pretty helpful to grab less wind on a windy lake or something. But the boat needs some sexiness to it so two strips are being glued to the gunwales at bow and stern to give her some more curves!

This pic gives a little better idea of the extra meat this lady will have to give her some curves. Basically we just faired a curved line from the tip of the stems to the third form back or so and cut on the line with a utility knife to get her curves. This wood is pretty soft and with three passes of the utility knife will shed her skin.

The last strips being glued in place. The last 14 strips we were able to glue on two at a time saving us some time. Each strip 1 thru 14 has an identical sister in color and length waiting to be shaped and placed in the other side.

Pretty cool pic of the centerline that I chalklined into place. This was really just for me to get a general idea of whether or not we planked the hull enough and really gives a good effect on the eye! Later my father will draw in the line using his neato centerline contraption, a straightedge and a clown to hold the straightedge (me).

One of our interns. Crazy kid actually likes working on boats. I will try and write, or have the interns write their own bios for the website!

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