Saturday, May 7, 2011

Freedom Picture Gallery Hull Stripping

Here are some pretty pictures that were taken just before the hull stripping started. A nice side view gives you the the general low profile shape of the canoe at the gunwales. It would be a good canoe in the wind because of this.

Pretty cool bottom view. You can get an idea of the matching strip colors on each side a little from this picture. The glue impairs it, but it will come out real nice after sanding and the epoxy coats!

Although this boat has a low profile and looks a little "rigid" in the above two views, this angle reflects it's semi traditional lines that it still has. This view also lets the viewer in on the asymmetry at the bow and stern stems a little. The bow is cutting the water and the stern is allowing it to flow away from the boat with ease.

Nice! You can see the Early 1900's Peterborough hanging up in the background. This boat was actually used by the previous owner to train for the famous 1936 Olympic Games where Jesse Owens destroyed Hitler's track and field team! Go Jesse! Anyway, the boat was left outside by one who wishes to remain nameless and is in a state of disrepair....

Let the hull stripping Begin!!!!!!!!

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