Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey, I've taken another interlude and I'm going to plug Thomas Armstrong's above blog for his excellent photography skills and commentary on the events of Mystic Seaport's Woodenboat Festival! Here are the two pics that he took of my boards.

This first one is the fin done by Greenlight Surf Supply's Brian Gagliana. Excellent work Bri! It's made of renewable bamboo! Brian's wife has a clothing line which is based solely on bamboo fabrics. I believe it is called Barefoot.

Please pay no attention to that beautiful Adirondack Guide boat behind my two lovely surfboards! LOL That fella built a guide boat that I swear could fetch a million dollars! It is absolutely perfect in every way! So make sure you check out Tom's blog for all the greatest pics from the Mystic boat show and whatnot. Come to my blog for the details on all the best parties in Mystic. LOL

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