Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm a blog bum

I didn't realize that I had some readers.

It's like my college radio show that was run through the town's cable TV system. I used to just go in on Friday nights and lay out some mellow jams, some party toons, and some psychedelia. Some friends would join me and we'd light some incense (until the fire marshal intervened) and go in the elevator to stop in between floors and blow cigarette smoke into the elevator fan.

It was a good time. We were just there to have a party and maybe spread the word about and eco event or a cool class trip that was coming up, maybe play a "McGruff the Crime Dog" short about the dangers of narcotics (the name of the show was Peyote Radio). We had this theory that if we said the word enough, some may someday magically show up in our laps and we'd be puking happy monkeys! It never happened. We gave up on it too soon or something, because where there's a will there's a way.

What I'm getting at, is that with all of our desperate pleas to have someone call in and make a request, it never happened. I thought that I had no listeners. The other DJ's would listen out of respect for their fellow DJ I knew, but otherwise nada.

One night at the end of a 4 hour show that I'd been laying out a mood mix (bring the audience up and down and up and down gradually) I got a call at the end of the show praising the show. It seems that there was a huge houseparty where the entire crowd was trippin and I had been effing with their heads the whole time, making them laugh, then making them ponder what is soul (P-Funk Allstars will do that to you). They loved my show! Weird, I thought. I was made aware that evening that I had an audience all along. My show was one of their favorites because I didn't play any commercials (to the deep annoyance of my producer who constantly threatened me with termination) except for "taking a bite out of crime' sound bites. I landed the time slot because no one wanted to work Friday 8 to midnight, but I wound up having a pretty groovy show and even did my own weather and interview slots. The band Primus was having a tour of the east coast with their Sailing the SEas of Cheese promo that they were deluging the college campuses with and I had those lads in for a laugh or two. It was pretty dang cool! But the most rewarding thing about it all, was finding out that I had listeners. I did that for three years. It was a good run.

To all those who read this blog: I know I've strayed for woodcraft on this thread and some others, but I wanted to say "Hey". "Can I crash on your couch?"

Funny how things haven't changed much since college for me! Hee hee hee hee hee

Take it light! Enjoy your summer! Go to bonfires in Crescent City, California and to ones in Pacific City, Oregon. Those are some real people.

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