Monday, August 20, 2007

Some trip pics and stuff.

Just had to post this picture of said unnamed spot. Right Slim?
Mark refused to be seen with the human slug for fear of incrimination.
A beautiful North coast view. Not much of a swell at this spot today. A cove just up the road called Shorties is a popular spot for good reason.
This is the view from Tom and Lavelle's place in Lil' Utopia aka Netarts Bay.
This is my Pop and I in front of Moby the white whale at Tom and Lavelle's in Netarts, OR.

These pics are from a little diversion that I took my Pop on at the Oregon coast. It was his first time out there. Not the last. I'm gonna pull a trailer out in a year or two and let him tag along. We hiked Cape lookout and checked out a lighthouse at Cape Meares. Then traveled north after a nice night with Lavelle who made us a great lunch and dinner.

We stopped in Cannon Beach at one of the best surf shops in the US. Free beer, need I say more? Well if that ain't enough for ya, he's got teenage girls at the register.

After that we headed to P-Town for dinner at the Horsebrass Pub for a little swaree' with good freinds, fine dining and the best beer selection in the World!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if I have any pics of that event. Maybe some of the readers do?

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Slim said...

My moutain pic is better! Ha, ha, ha!