Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UV Varnish Alert.

I just got the low-down from an epoxy manufacturer NOT to use Minwax spars on top of epoxy. I suppose the wax part has repelling properties to it and makes "fisheyes" in the finish as I had seen a lot of in my coats.


thehollowman said...

What's up, guy? Nice to see you at Island Beach. The Atlantic actually gave up some nice peepers in the afternoon when the wind died down.

Anyway, I have some pictures up soon of my new fish coming at ya after i set up my blog.

looks like you have a careful hand-we'll talk finishes soon!


thehollowman said...

Hey, I got some pictures up of the fish! It came really heavy, but the finish really put some "Hollywood" on the board. Enjoy!

yeah, we got some fried clams and came back on to IB-we went really South (beach A-10 i think).

In another week I'll be surfing some rock bottom in RI!

Can't wait!

thehollowman said...

Oh, I'm at Cecil B Moore and Howard. Right By the El.

Fish said...

Did you scout any sandbar action up around A10? The sands are ever changing up there. We used to travel the whole Island looking for sand.

Cool! get that blog up and show some pics!

Take it light.