Monday, April 25, 2011

Redwood Boogies

OK, I'm skipping ahead here, but I thought I would catch everyone up on where we are with the canoe just to whet your appetites. It's out of order in the scheme of building progression, but I wanted to get this out there. This is the boat as of this morning before my Dad and I eventually got 4 more strips on her. She is starting to look like a real pretty lady. Gluing these bottom strips isn't so bad. Some wedges here, a few screws in the forms there and all was well. It's even easier now that we are full on to the bottom. We eye up where the strips are going to cross the centerline and cut them off an inch or so over where they cross it. We can use those lengths of strip for the ones even more in the center. My Uncle Rich suggested we just make it a glass bottom canoe and market it towards the Floridian fisherman market. LOL It would be cool, I guess...
We got two strips on "The Pretty Lady", went to my Pops house and had leftover ham that I cooked on Easter yesterday and came back to do some planing of the Redwood for my next surfboard project. I bought 3/4 planks 12 foot long and my Pop split them in half. Well they weren't 3/4, they were closer to 5/8" but we still managed to get them to 1/4" with a few sawblade marks still in them, but overall, it worked out well.

232/1000's !!!!

7/1000's left to plane! Better flip that puppy over and do the unmilled side!

Unfortunately on the first pass we hit a stone embedded into the wood and nicked the blade! But it was to one side and we were able to get all 16 planks planed. I'm gonna have to sharpen those blades,,,,more like my Pop is gonna have to sharpen those blades! LOL, he can show me how.
The guy knows how to make the best of things! We had a long day of work and he's a trooper. I had to bust out the saw horses to lay the planks on while milling because they started to get so thin that they would sag and that raises or lowers the plank on the cutting blade eliminating a nice flat finish like we want.

8PM after 11 hours of working on boats, surfboards, air conditioners and the garden, Pop is still smiling. He's looking forward to a nice cool glass of Admiral Nelson when he gets home!

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