Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stripping for Freedom

Alright, take it off! Actually, stripping this canoe is putting it on! Putting on cedar strip planks!
To the left here, you are seeing Pacific Redwood from Redding, California, those planks are actually for my next surfboard, a ten foot log designed by Grain Surfboards in York, Maine.

Here is the first cedar strip being attached to the forms on either side of the picture. The strip is running the entire length of the canoe and attached at what will actually be the gunnel, or "rub rail" of the canoe when upright. Planking is actually being done with the overall form of the canoe overturned.

At each form overtop of the first plank (strip) layed down, two more strips are placed atop it with glue in between each strip. In this process, the strips are layed down with a convex side [U] on top, and a convex side [0]down. The convex "u" is filled with glue the entire length and then the strip is pressed into place with the "L" shaped bracket clamped to the form and wedges pushing down on the plank (strip) from the top and the side.

Here is a better pic of the forms with the planks held in place with the L brackets and wedges, better pics to follow.

My Uncle Rich and my Dad watching the glue dry.

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