Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wissinoming Brewing

So like another hobby of mine is brewing beer. I love it. I would like to pursue it as a career eventually. I have been accepted to UC Davis into their brewers program, which is actually an accomplishment to me since I had to have a list of pre-requisites and they liked them! Getting money for tuition is going to be a challenge. If I can't get a loan, I can't go to school and it is back to the drawing board looking for other schools like the one in chicago or the one in Colorado, but still there is that money thing again.

OK, so one of my ideas was to get a website going to try and make connections, contacts, and maybe a little money. I bought the rights to both the names, Wissinoming Brewing and Be Green And Flow ( and and would like to get something going.

I'm not sure if I should use either of these of if I should use both. I was wanting to combine the two, but that may dilute the purpose. If I do two websites, how do I proceed? Begreenandflow could be oriented towards educating people on how to do wood projects and WissBrau could be for homebrewing. But how to make a little cash off of either? TShirts? Keychains? Contests?

Any ideas are really appreciated! Even help setting the sites up is appreciated as it is no where as easy as I had originally hoped.

Shoot me your opinions!

Stay green! Stay cool!


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