Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stained Glass Archway

Todays Project, other than fixing a broken stem on my sink faucet was to restore this stained glass window that originally went about the front door to my house.  When they put the porch and a new door on, they took this out.  It is in pretty bad condition as it is just about 100 years old.  I researched how to restore stained glass and being that I don't have the tools and such I would try some ideas that I had with a heat gun as it is really wavy and some of the panels are falling out of the lead caming.

First step was to vacuum it off, and then I lightly scrubbed it with very little soapy water.  Around the edges I removed the paint on the glass with lacquer thinner as best I could.  I tried to heat up the caming with the heat gun and push the panels back into place but at risk of cracking the glass, etc... I decided to just leave it the way it was and clean it best I can.

All cleaned, I drilled some holes and put in eye-bolts aided by wax so I didn't crack the wood.  Then I fashioned two S-hooks out of some nails that I found around. 

I drilled some holes in the middle of my track lighting.  Wrapped the other eye-bolts in a hefty amount of electrical tape and hung it up!  I am kind of wondering what it would look like hanging upside down.  Might be even cooler, but at the distance that I drilled the holes for the eye-bolts I might be at a weak part of the wood frame.  Looks pretty cool!

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