Sunday, May 27, 2012

Canoe Gunwales Completed!

Saturday My dad and I finished the gunwales and today we took the clamps off!  She's a looker!

Currently I am enjoying a wicked cold homebrew called My Uncle's Left Nut.  It's a nut brown and it took all of 6 months to finally taste good!  It has finally mellowed and is less sweet now.  It was a very long day as I had an agenda to complete and I worked a good 12 hour day today.  My dad was a trooper and put in some very long hours as well.  I didn't want to do any woodworking tomorrow as I just want to transfer my Chestnut Stout to it's secondary fermenter and get the chocolate nibs in there for flavah!

Below is the port side gunwale glued,clamped and screwed.  The process took about 90 minutes.

 Below is a pic of the starboard side gunwale glued, clamped and screwed.  Nifty, eh?
And here is how she looked this morning.  She's been named Kindred Spirit.  I named her that because I was inspired by a fellow canoe builder who is Korean and he built his out of bamboo because it is a sustainable wood.  His name is Thomas Huang and here is his site:
If you don't get to my next post, have a great Memorial Day!!!!!

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