Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 70, Commonwealth Ciders Traditional Dry by Philadelphia Brewing Company

Gluten Week is here and I am going to try and extend it as long as I can and maybe make it a whole month.  I hope interest doesn't wane, but alas, the Gluten Free movement is gaining momentum and estimates now are that close to 1/3 of Americans have a concern over Gluten and are trying to reduce it in their diets.  Source:

So in order to extend my Gluten Free Week I am going to delve into another alternative that people are using hops in and that is Cider.  Tonight's pick is a local cider from Philly and really refreshing.  It's by Philadelphia Brewing Company in Kensington and is a nice alternative to beer.

First off, I want to thank all the breweries that are still using crimp top bottles as they are really good to put forth the art of craft brewing in the home.  If it weren't for homebrewing, craft beer might be pretty boring.  PBC is one that still uses crimp tops.  Thanks PBC!  Clear glass is fine with me as I keep my beer away from light.

This cider pours what PBC calls a silver straw color.  There is only a thin wisp of a head that is around the ring of the glass and is constantly replenished by the effervescent carbon dioxide.  There is a little bit of lacing, but pretty minimal.

There is a faint aroma of tart apple and and even lighter note of honey and maybe some grassy hops.  

The flavour is pretty much the same.  Mostly light apple moves across your tongue from lightly sweet to mildly sour (but more central on the tongue) and finishes dry with only the faintest hint of black pepper and hops.

The body is light and refreshing but definitely NOT watery in mouthfeel.  The champagne like carbonation is lively but not in a burning way.  PBC describes this as "delicately balanced" and I am going to have to agree with them 100%!

Overall, this is probably my favorite cider so far.  Most I find too sweet or too bitter apple and heavier.  This really is refreshing and I am going to have to give it one of the highest scores for a cider that I have had so far with a 4.75 out of 5!

Life's a beer.  Drink it!


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