Friday, March 1, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 61, Samuel Smith's Organic Lager

This is a world class lager!  Sam Smith has never disappointed me yet!
Homebrew points for the reuseable and exceedingly attractive label and design on the bottle cap.

The beer poured crystal clear with a light straw color and very thin clear to white head with very little, although attractive evenly spaced polka-dot lacing.

NO adjunct grains in this lager!  You can smell nothing but pure light sweet malts and it is so refreshing not to smell corn or skunk.  I get a hint of honey and light biscuit as well.  So very nice.

The beer tastes as it smells for the most part, it's not overly complicated.  With the hotness of the carbonation you get some of the hops but you would think that from the aroma that sweet would hit you in the face.  It does not.  It's so well balanced with the overlying hops that after the first few sips I mostly get a peppery lingering on the tongue from the hops which are not overly bitter at all.

Mouthfeel is light and refreshing with lively carbonation that really speeds along the honey aroma to your nose and the peppery hops to the outer portion of your tongue.  The finish once again is mostly of mild black pepper and hops and moderatley dry.  This is one balanced exquisite beer!  Moderate to high carbonation.

Overall I am going to vote this in the world class lager realm.  And maybe even one up them because it is NOT in a green bottle to get skunked!

Score!  4.5 out of five!  This is yet another bucket list beer!  Bucket list Lager!

If you don't try this and drink a CLight instead, I will take you out and give you fat lip for wasting your short life on crappy beer!


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