Friday, April 20, 2007


{{Grateful Dead, First Evers (first time live songs)}}

Good Day!

I went to my favorite store in Portland ever called Woodcrafters. Love that place! I had to buy more Titebond III as I like to over use it. I also bought those "pony" clamps pictured above. I'm a clamp whore now. Made in USA and look like they can suit many a future purpose.

Over the last few days I took some small steps on the board with sawing off the tail and gluing on the tail block. Sorry, forgot to take a pic. But I took pics of the nose block so it's pretty much the same.

Between figuring the angles that I wanted for the nose blocks, cutting it with a jigsaw (fine toothed blade by bosch), sanding (I found a six inch piece of one of my battens as a sanding block to be the best for getting a good flat sanded surface to be better than the orbital) and gluing the nose blocks on this morning took about 2 hours total, 3 hours including the tail block as that one was easier.

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I'm digging this project. Have I said that yet?

So lets add another $5.00 for 8oz. Titebond III (total 32 oz. for the project)

4 hours for gluing the tail and nose blocks on


Doc said...

So what gives?

Hear you are moving on?

Hope you're gonna stick wit de bloog...

Cause it's goodness!

Jgirl said...

So.....who has dibz on your wood, Chuck?