Sunday, April 8, 2007

Shaping Stands

these took about an hour to throw together. Pretty shoddy, but they'll suffice.

I can just clamp them to my saw horses and hopefully there won't be too much movement. If so, I'll throw some corner angles on there.

Happy Easter!


brad said...

You will probably be happy to have some weight down low on the sawhorses if that is possible. Once you start shaping, they will tend to shift around a bit otherwise. Feels great to see it looking like a board now, doesn't it?

When you start shaping, use some care to keep track of where you are taking off material. If you have much unevenness in the planking, or if the strips went on crooked, you can actually shape right through the skin. Go slow, and skip the power tools entirely if you want to be extra careful. It only takes a little longer if your hand-tools are sharp!

Foulweather... said...

When are you starting my fish?

Jgirl said...

Did someone say you need a router? Im the router queen of the chriscraft resoration. Maybe I have what you need.