Friday, April 13, 2007


{{Simon and Garfunkle's Greatest Hits}}
I started some shaping preliminaries on this lovely Friday the 13th. First on the list was to pull out the flower print trunks in which to shape in as all the good shapers wear them my close freind and partner in crime Surfmaster Dave told me. Well, I'm too fat and had to go with the tartan plaid boxers and moccasins look. No shirt of course.

The above pic is the board just off of the rocker table.

First thing I did in my boxers was to anchor the saw horses to the concrete, so I bought concrete anchors and a drill bit from HOME DESPOT (unfortunately) and secured the perimeter. 30 minutes and 15 more bucks.
{{Peter Gabriel, Biko}}

The above pic is just the rough shaping of the rails done with a Stanley Plane. Worked really well. On downward curves plane down, if you plane up you go against the grain. I brought the edge right up to the outside of the first cove and bead strip. I ripped through this pretty quick at 30 minutes.
In this pic you can see how much rocker the board has. It is a bit more high performance than a log and not a likely nose rider as the tail has a double concave on either side of the fin box so I'm basically going to shape my rails soft and rounded up at the nose and bring it back to a fairly hard and sharp rail at the tail. Not overly hard though. There is a concave in the nose and may be nose ridable So I'm thinking to make the rail gradually get harder at about 2 foot from the tail. Round most of the way forward.

{{Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band}}
Here I glued up some nose and tail blocks. No one every accused me of knowing what I was doing, but I think I got it down. I was going to make the nose blocks rather large (about 4" at their thickest point) but that may prove to be too heavy. We'll see, I glued up plenty of leftover scraps and redwood shingles to give it sort of wedgy kind of look. This took an hour and a half.
Here you can see a triangle that I squared off the nose and was thinking of cutting all that off forward of the hypothenuse (Pythagreous would kill me for such slander). Well you can see that it is a rather beefy portion of the board, but I was hoping to cover up a mistake on the deck at the nose where I cut too much of the top blanks off. But this might look like even worse crap AND weigh too much. We'll see...

2.5 hours today
and 15 bucks more.


Fish said...

Pythageras or how ever you spell his name would have instantly FuMancooed my beard into a triangle with his slide rule if I didn't make this correction whilst I had 3 of the finest porters EVER in me gullet from Caldera Brewing if I didn't say that the Hypothenuse was the side that is at a 90 degree angle to my keel and thus the other sides were labeled "A" and "B".....erzats, help me out here.........the non-hyponthenuse sides...LOL

Alright, living amoung the Volcanoes out here is the best ever! I don't want to go, since the beer is awesome and that I get to see 3 volcanoes in the morning everyday (long time pyro, first time volcanoe resident). I'll be back fo sho. Nasty, hook me up with a future residence! Bassturd! Dude, Clays' Smokehouse, blackened catfish... soon. Mon fre're.

koalani said...

Looking incredible Fish!

Dan 'o'

Fish said...

Dan, thanks a lot bruddah!

You gonna be in the PTown area anytime in the next month?

ssspider said...