Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tail block

Hey, that's not like a cock block is it?

I got the tail block glued on. They better kill another horse because I am all out of glue. AND I am broke and out of money. Wilbur kindly donated me with about 30 pounds of seafood to keep me going. Thanks Bro! I hope your move is going well. All your hard work is going to pay off someday in the shape of a 32 foot sailing vessel I'm sure. I'll be there for that long trip around the horn making stops along the way all the way to Hatteras with quite a long furlo in the Caribbean!

Not much time to spend on the board until Thursday anyway. Maybe I'll try and fit in some nose block glueing before then so i can just chip away at them and not have to wait for the glue to dry.

And then Shaping! I'm stoked because I was worried that the frame being tweeked a bit when I first glued it to the bottom planks would mess with the shape, but the lines are looking smooth and no unexpected twists in her or anything so far! I got lucky!

Well, I'm thinking that one cross member that was a bit off by an eigth of an inch or so did not mess with the overall shape because I didn't push the cove and bead strips up against the one side of it that had the gap and I filled that gap in with little wedges of wood and glue filling the gap. Ultimately the board may be slightly wider at that X member before shaping, but it won't be anything that I can notice at this point or for a long time. Besides, the board being a quarter inch wider will be THAT much more stable for my low center of gravity surface assault upon the unsuspecting ocean gods. Is there a local PNW ocean god like how European waters have Lir and the Mediterannean has Neptune?

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