Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leash Plugs, Sanding, and World Class Bullhead Catfish

I started the day off today getting up in the wee hours of the morning to go fishing on the Delaware on my brothers boat.  We thought that since the water temperature was rising so fast and is at the magic number while the tide was perfect AND it was the New Moon (mammas lay egg time) that the Striped Bass would be jumping in the boat!  Nope!  It is one New Moon too early even though the rest is right.  We hope that the water isn't already 80 degrees by the next one!  We landed channel catties, but the prize of the day goes to the 3lb. Bullhead that I pulled in.  The Delaware record is something like 4lbs. Keith says, so we felt good about that.  It gave a nice fight!  Gorgeous fish with lots of colour.

We got back in time enough to where I could get a full days of work in as well, so that is cool.  I got the leash plugs set up on the mill and drilled the pin holes in them.  Setting up is the toughest, but my dad is my coach and it is good to learn more from him.  He walks me through the set ups and sends me on my way.  It only took a short while so I had enough time to sand out the varnish job that I did yesterday spraying.  I'm going to go back to brushing as it is faster for me and I do a much better job now without leaving any brush strokes.  Spraying looks nicer, when my uncle does it!  He's not around because he's playing in the nice weather and I have to get the varnishing done as it is such a long process and the varnish once open in the can starts to skin up and that is another variable to deal with.  The lid actually popped off my can in the heat yesterday as well so I have to get another can at the Home Despot because the lid won't go back on proper.

Here is a pic of the drilling process.  Have a great weekend everyone!  I think I will enjoy a nice cold homebrew ESB tonight!  Just one (26 ouncer).  ha ha

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