Friday, March 30, 2012

Brass Valve Stems! {Attack of the Killer Mutante Skateboarding Vampire Valve Stem People}

I promise this is the last post of the Valve Stems.  I did some work slotting the tops, chamfering the threads at the O-ring seat so they don't eat up the threads and polishing the whole valve stems to get a superior product that won't leak!

I will post the pics, they are mostly self explanatory. It turned out really well and we are both pretty happy with it! 

In the morning that stained glass window that I hung looks pretty cool!  The pic doesn't do it justice!
 Starting the slot cut.
 Part way through the cut.
 All the way through the cut
Adding a 45 degree chamfer to the top of the threads so that the threads do not tear up the O-ring.
Some of the Stems deburred and polished by my Uncle Rich.

We actually are thinking of building a tumbler to tumble the parts to deburr and polish them because it's pretty tough doing it all by hand.  If there is a need, it might be a good idea.  I'd like to sell these and am going to put an advertisement in Woodenboat Magazine as well as Surfer Mag.  Who knows, right?  Hey, have a great weekend!  Philly weather looks pretty good for fiberglassing on Sunday, so I will most likely have a post then about fiberglassing the canoe!  See Ya!

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