Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finished Brass Air Valve and Leashplug (please don't kill me)

I got the final pieces for your viewing pleasure!  This was a successful experiment on doing these at home!  Without a machine called a Terret Lathe it is a bit more involved and they have a little bit more of that DIY air about them, but they are quite attractive and passed all the tests from my QA/QC department (my Uncles lips blowing through them).  Good times!

I did two styles of the valve.  A flat top valve if the builder wants to countersink the whole valve into his watercraft so it is flush with the surface and a valve with a radius (rounded top edge) for the builder who wants to place the valve slightly above the surface of the fiber-glassed board.

The leash-plug is just this one style in this batch, but I am going to design one with the lip a wee bit higher so it can be mounted from underneath a 1/4" board and be flush.  These can be mounted that way, just a spacer of sorts needs to be placed on the valve or the board somehow, which is relatively easy.  Or these can be mounted by boring a hole through the top like they have been in the past.

Check them out!

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Mark said...

Hey Sean,
Love the brass leash plugs you make, they look beautiful!
I make wooden hybrid surfboards and think they would look great, (in fact its something I have been after for a while)
can I buy some of those beauties from you? I'm in the UK..