Monday, March 19, 2012

Weather is Here, Wish You Were Nice!

Thank you Jimmy for those lovely words! I'm not a parrot head, and I think Jimmy Buffets voice is as bad as Bob Dylans' harmonica, but I gotta respect the guy for doing what he does and doing it so well!

Today was a party at the shoppe!  The whole gang was here including my buddy Mike Visman who helped me back in the day on "the Wormhole".  I started the day off making a painting room with my uncle upstairs in the shoppe.  We hung plastic sheeting all around my shaping area to try and keep the dust out while we tried spraying varnish onto the board instead of brushing it on.  We accomplished our mission and soon took to spraying on the varnish.  We heated up a quart of Epiphanes Clear Varnish and sprayed the "Rainstick".  Yes, the "Rainstick", the first board I shaped.  It is an unending process, this varnishing, of learning and making mistakes and learning and above all, waiting for varnish to dry before one can polish out the previous mistakes.  I have been varnishing this board for 4 years now!  Finally I have a way to get it done much faster and nicer looking!  It was a  long slow road, but still varnishing indoors proves to be dusty no matter what, but we cut the dust way down in our little spray booth by about 90%.

Both the "wormhole" and the "rainstick" are going to be on display for purchase at Greenlight Surf Supply ( now residing in Manasquan, NJ.  I will tour the boat shows with them if they do not sell so I have examples of varnished and non-varnished boards.  I really want to keep the "wormhole" as my own because I'm really attracted to its shape, but alas, I need funding for my present projects.  So goes the world.

While we were spraying, my father was downstairs cleaning the Clausing 8520 and getting me set up for some milling to do in the afternoon.  He wasn't feeling hot, so we skipped our daily hike in Pennypack.  Drats!

If anyone is interested in brass leashplugs or airvents, let me know.  You can tell how awesome they are from this most excellent picture that I took with my 1megapixel Blackberry!

OK, have a great day, it's time I enjoyed that ESB that I have in my fridge.  My first Keg turned out pretty damn decent.  Slainte!

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