Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Celiacs killed Yards Week

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately on Saturday I experimented with gluten in the form of super tasty pizza at the Grey Lodge.  OMG I was in heaven and earlier that day I had some special cake, but only a few bites and now 3 days later I am in intestinal distress so I have to lay off on Yards Week.  I was considering doing a review on my Bleeding Gums Murphy Belgian (Gluten Free) but the keg is fresh and I am in the process of trying to carbonate it with a new regulator that I put on last night.  Should I try it out?

OK, I tried it out, it is still not carbonated enough so I am going to carbonate it more before I review it.  It is better than before, but it is over the top on a few key ingredients like ginger and coriander.  It's nice though.  More later!

Have a great night everyone.  Look for a review on the gluten free one tomorrow as I expect that I won't be drinking real beer for a couple of days.



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