Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 94, Kostritzer Schwarzbier

Schwarzbier means black beer.  They aren't overly roasted or burnt like a porter or stout so the bitterness is left up to the hops.  This one is a lager.  Mostly they are light in body and refreshing.  This one fits that bill perfectly and is an AWESOME beer!
This beer pours clear black with a nice one finger head that fades to a nice full ring and a cap in the center with delicate lacing.  Very attractive!

The aroma comes across to me as straightforwardly caramel malty and some fruity notes like raisins and some light floral hops.  Gorgeous!

The beer tastes pretty much the same.  It starts off lightly caramel malty sweet and stays that way through the sip with some very mild raisin or prune notes along for the ride and finally it finishes with only the tiniest of hop bitterness, dryness and black pepperiness.  LOL  It's well balanced.  A little roastiness comes through just as you are about to take another sip.  WOW!

The mouthfeel is creamy and smoothly sweet with light body and moderate to light carbonation making this beer very easy to drink!  It has a slightly dry finish.  

Overall, I am going to have to concur with the BA guys and conclude that this is world class.  It was a pleasure to drink and I really can't find any fault with it at all!  It's light enough that the sweetness is not annoying and it serves to balance it also.  5 out of 5!  Highly recommended!

You see that?  You try new beer and you score!  Try new things!


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