Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Azithromycin and Benzocaine

Are my freinds! Dual ear infections mean pain, but all works out as I am not going to work this week! What's that mean? It means that I am up to cove and bead strip number 8 already and will go to ten or twelve before I go on to the next step.

3/25 to 3/27 I've been putting 2 to 3 c&b strips on a day. Wish I could go faster, but the shortest drying time for the Titebond I've gotten down to 4.5 hours with added heat because my basement is 50 degrees and humid (I love it!). I bought another 8 oz of titebond III and ordered another toob of fast cure 5200 since I used most of the other. That was 20 bucks and will take a few days to get here.

The c&b strips are averaging about an hour each layer.

On the two x-members that had 1/8 inch gaps due to the frame being off, I glued tiny little shims in so that the strips touched the frame. After the third or fourth strip, they weren't needed anymore.

OK OK those PVC rings suck totall ass!! I hate them. A freind (TO) here in Oregon told me that he drills lots of pilot holes in the PVC before cutting a line down the length and then slicing it because it holds better. Well after an unfortunate event on the third c&b strip where I was having lunch and wondering if all the PVC clamps were still in place and at that very moment I heard a hundred fire crackers going off in my basement where every single clamp popped off in a domino effect, I eventually (on the eighth strip, hey, I like the colourful explitives that I have been coming up with!) got out my Milwaukie drill with a 1/2 inch bit, clamped into a vise, and proceeded to clamp the clamps on to the bit making, in essence, a cove in the clamping facade.


I didn't take any pics yet as my batteried died again. Im adding that cost in. These steps are boring looking yet, but are really coming together and will soon be photo worthy.

Take care all, I'll be back in a day or two with an update.

8 cove strips = 8 hours
glues = $25.00
batteries = $10.00


brad said...

We hate the pvc clamps, too. The pre-drilled hole is a must!

Fish said...

Actually, it's a love hate kinda thing with me because I can see where they come in handy more so than any other kind of clamp! Especially for the rail cove and bead!

brad said...

Right... I have always wondered if we could make the edges that bear on the bead softer/rounder or something so that they don't dent things up too much... but short of laborious whittling with a dremel, I haven't come up with anything (that is quick).

Fish said...

Well, It's kinda weird that you mention that. At the time of building the rail, I didn't forsee it as a problem because I would be sanding.

But upon thinking, it may look like a small blemish if the dent fills in with more epoxy and gets darker.

To me, though, I love antique wood finishes on boats and furniture and it may look more authentic to me. But I am not buying a wood board either. I could see a discerning customer not liking flaws.

I'm considering traditional construction of canoes and such and building with brads nailing down the strips. Thus leaving all those holes that fill up with resin. But I like that look!

Addison Conroy said...

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