Friday, March 30, 2007

Cove and bead finished!

Good Day,

Been busy on my board with being laid up with the ear infections and all. I managed to get 11 cove and bead strips on there and some initial planing, but as my glue hasn't arrived yet, it's time to go to the beach and hang out with some freinds. NO surfing because of the ear infections... LOL, good one, yah? Hey, I was always coming up with good excuses why to miss school, I'm good at it. Truth is, I'm scared of dying. LOL Some unfortuanate soul lost his life in 20 foot plus surf last weekend in Newport, OR. I guess common sense flies out the door when you got a point to prove. Me, I like 3 foot surf just fine.

Anyway, I got a few pics taken. Add another 40 bucks for a battery recharger for this project.

One pic is a close up of two cove an bead strips to give you an idea of how they fit together for a better joint.

The others are just shots of the board with this stage finished. In the middle one, you can see how those PVC clamps are stretched to the limit on 11 rails, 12 might be possible but no more! All in all, it only took about ten hours to do all of them but spread out over 3 to 4 days. The glue has to dry and with a temperature of 50 in my basement, it doesn't dry so I had to add heat. The fastest drying time that I got now was 3.5 hours. First timers add a few more hours on this as you will be on a journey of discovery! One that may sound like Chinese New Year!

Cove and bead hours = 12

Money Battery charger = $40.00

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The One Most Hate to Love said...

When it's all done, I want to know what the beer tab comes to.