Friday, March 16, 2007


"Hey Maw and Paw, what da hell is wrong wit y'all?"

Did some frame work tonight. First thing that I had noticed is that the center glued seam is starting to do the Moses and the Red Sea thing. Oh well, she'll hold up I'm sure. The split may not be that noticible when she's done. It might have been best to keep things all clamped up until I was ready to go on to the next step. The less time between steps the better.

Had to keep things quite because it was late, so what did I do? got out the jigsaw and cut out a very general outline of the board on the planks. Very noisy yes. And since the planks weren't secured anywhere, they were louder than John Bonham and moved like Charo! All this being said, I split one of the boards. You'll barely see the clamps in one of the pics from my having to glue it. Fortunately, the center glued seamgoes exactly down the center of the planks and I marked out how wide the keel is on there some. what I will do is trace two lines the width of the keel on there better tomorrow as a guide for when I am gluing it on.

I'm also going to plane down some of the high spots that the frame may come in contact with.

Prior to pressing the frame onto the planks and rockertable, I may steam the planks but am not sure if it would loosen the Titebond III. Anyone ever done that?

Putting the frame together the first time was easy. Gluing it was a mother. I don't know why but they wouldn't slide all the way in the slots or they would go too far. Plus some of the slots had to be widened or lengthened with a dremel bit. While gluing, I used a clamp to set them in their final resting place which was flush with both sides mostly. I describe it with two pics. The third pic you may be able to see that it is warped a bit. I'm confident that with my anal retentiveness that I can get it all straight in the next step of clamping to the rocker table. First, I'm going to cut out a bunch more strapping about 1/2 thick and decide what to do to put upon the strapping for the concave in the nose and dual concaves in the tail. Mike L. suggested taping some quarters together and setting/taping them atop the strapping.

Peace through Music y'all.


brad said...

Usually the frames fit into the keel very snugly - they shouldn't require any trimming. In fact, they are so snug that you don't really have to glue the frame together if you don't want.

It is an excellent idea to plane the inside of the bottom planks (and later, the underside of the top planks) most importantly near the edges where the top face of the bottom planks will meet the rail strips. If the planks are grossly uneven, then large glue seams will show up where glue filled up the difference. I know this is hard to visualize! Its like if you took two books of different thicknesses and laid them on a table with their bindings together, then laid a ruler across them. That big gap under the ruler would be filled with glue and look a bit nasty in the rail.

Wish I had gotten these notes up on your blog in time to be of some use, but we have been really busy in the shop. Sorry! Hopefully they can be of use to any future readers of your blog.

Fish said...

Right on!

No worries and thanks for the tips from me and my readers!!

Fish said...

They are gonna be useful to me on my second board which I am starting this week!