Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Next step, frame gluing

I’m about to start with the fishbone frame thing. It’s late, cant remember the name, but anyway, I quickly assembled it and it is warped in all directions. Also, some of my planks need to be planed first. They started warping again, but I’m sure the warping wont affect it once I get it straight just as long as I get it close to flat with the plane.

I like the idea of tracking out where the frame should go. Maybe if I use a wide magic marker the lines will be wide enough that if I slop the glue around that I’ll still be able to see where they are supposed to go.

Does anyone have any tips on gluing the frame? I need to check the forums and such for helpful tidbits sometime before Thursday the 15th because I'm going to get down and dirty on this mutha this weekend!

Thanks for all your support everyone!

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A.S. King said...

Oh great. Now my TWO favorite men are obsessed with things like "gluing up the frame" or clamps.


The story of my life!

The board looks good, man! I'll send the wood-boy over to the site...maybe he'll learn how to type, then!!

big smooches. Love the beard.