Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 129, Troegs Sunshine Pils

Hey all!

It's Philly Beer Week and I again missed a night of my own Troegs Week as I was at the Grey Lodge with my nephew who is in the Navy and I don't get to see him much and I was checking out some Neshaminy Creek Beers along with saying Hi to the Philadelphia Brewing Company crew.  I couldn't stay out long but I did taste two excellent beers from NCBC an unfiltered Pils and an IPA both were excellent!  

Tonight I am going with a Pilsner as well as the style is still fresh in my memory and this one a bit different than last nights.  This fare from Troegs is called Sunshine Pils and is a great summer beer!  This one is a German "Pilsener" which are straw in colour with a big head and a bit on the hoppy side using German varieties of hops.
The beer was poured cold and moisture condensed on the glass but it is crystal clear and of a solid straw yellow.  The head was almost a finger full and I poured it a bit aggressive but then it faded to just a thin ring around the glass but if you agitate the beer to get aroma, the head returns and leaves nice lacing.

The aroma is mellow and of pale malt sweetness and yeast, some grain a bit of lemon and very faint herbal hop aroma.  It is refreshing!

It starts off tasting thinly malt sweet with a grassy earthy bitterness on top, some grain and yeast amid mild lemon and a licorice-like feeling of spicy numbness on the tongue which really become more present as the beer warms.  It finishes peppery and mild to moderately bitter.

I think the mouthfeel is thin to medium bodied with a mild sweetness that vanishes at the end, which is pretty cool!  There is a mild peppery feel that is accentuated by the slightly above moderate carbonation.  Also a slick feel on the tongue.

Overall, this is an excellent summer beer!  It is much less hoppy than the Neshaminy Creek Pils that I had last night and I would have to say mild for it's style as well as a bit thin making this an awesome beer for a camping trip if it were in a can!  I'm sure it's equally as nice on tap!  I recommend this beer and think pretty highly of it!  I'm going to score it in the very high 3's or better!

Thanks for reading and I hope that you get a chance to get out and try this one!  Local boys Troegs really have a great lineup of beer and I have two more to go for Troegs Week!


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