Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 130, Troegs Perpetual IPA

Hi everyone!

I hope that you locals enjoyed Philly Beer Week!  Mine was laid back.  I mostly just went to the Grey Lodge Pub and enjoyed their offerings.  Philly Beer Geek was pretty exciting last Thursday!  Mike Lawrence who was sponsored by the Grey Lodge and is the producer of the documentary Beeradelphia ran away with the prize.  He truly deserved it and was up against some really excellent competition!  It really was great fun and I hope that it keeps on growing because I really think it pulls everyone in the area together.  Good times.

Tonight's beer is two days late because of Philly Beer Week but that is OK, if you have followed me on Untappd, I added about a dozen new beers and two more new badges.  Pretty cool.  So now I continue Troegs Week with Troegs Perpetual IPA which is yet again another Double or Imperial IPA.  This style is fast becoming a favourite of mine!  It's hoppier, but it's also maltier and there is a bit more of a balance to be looked for in this style.  Of course, the ABV will be higher and we want to hide that alcohol flavour.
This beer pours a clear gold to amber colour with a nice one finger head that lasts and leaves a cool cracked desert pattern on my tulip glass.  I poured it cold, but I sort of had to after a long hot day working.  It will warm and offer niceties. 

Aromas are of grapefruit and other citrus with a definite hint of pine.  It's awesome!  There is a foundation of pale malt sweetness and a bit of honey, but the nose is mostly grapefruit and pine. 

The beer starts off equally mild malty and hoppy and as the sip progresses more bittering comes out in the form of grapefruit and lemon peel with a mildly dry yet fairly bitter ending.

The mouthfeel is medium full yet drying and bitter with an alcohol tingle.  The carbonation is moderate but enough to really bring that citrus to your nose and palate with a little bit of a burn.

Overall I would say that this is exceptional as it has all of what this style needs and more in the way of hops.  It's a little more bitter than the favourites of mine, but still exceptional and would drink this again and recommend it to other IPA fans!  4 out of 5!

Yeah man!  I hope you got your fizzy yellow water drinking ass off the couch and enjoyed some Beer Week festivities as they are a great way to learn about new beer!  If you didn't this year, I suggest next year!  There are lots of pretty girls that enjoy craft beer you know!


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