Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bees Trap Deputy in Car for Three Hours

It's true! Someone said that they saw it on Fox (News).

Yo, it's been a while, my bad. Weather weirdness and tool delays Held me up a bit here and there.

If you can't see my pictures, try clicking on the empty box. My dad says he can only see an empty box but then he clicks on it and it comes up.

That first pic is just me drawing a 1/4 inch wide centerline where the keel of the inner frame will go. Drawing it out gave me time to think of a way to keep the keel from squirming around when clamping it like it loves to do. My solution was to put keys every 8inches in between the frames on either side of the keel line. Worked great!

Here I am cutting out the rough outline of the board with a $19.99 Skil Jigsaw. Bad Idea. It's so rough it breaks boards. I switched to my japanese saw before I did any damage.

The Keys. Not the ones in Florida. Would be nice to go fishin there. Bonefishin' with fly rods sounds like a good diversion.

These actually worked really well. I left them in place after gluing. I don't think they will snap off after being mucked with the 5200 caulk. If they do, mega maracas! New musical instrument/surfboard.

The frame setting in place ready to be glued.

This process was delayed a day due to the temperature of the shop being 90 degrees even with two air conditioners running. Dow 5200 only has a working time of 15 minutes at that temperature. no can do. The temperature would be in the 70's the next morning. It was a good idea to wait. See ya!

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