Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gluing in Fin Blocks and Valve blocks

Howdy folks, if there is any.

This is a valve block epoxied in up at the nose of the board. Other folks put them in down by the tail opposite the leash plug box, but being that the tail will be under water 90% of the time I feel it better for it to be out of the water. I have the spot measured from the nose and will bore a hole into it and drop the valve into it after I glass the board. Notice it is slotted for air flow.

Here is a pic of the fin box and the leash plug box. They are basswood and donated to me by Greenlight Surf Supply. We all believe in recycling so Brian gave me his leftovers from stringer manufacturing and I am able to get some use out of some really fine wood. Thanks Greenlight Surf Supply's Brian Gagliana! The wood is really for support purposes. When the board is finished it will be flipped over and the area where the fin box goes will be routed out and the box dropped in.

Captain Black always helps me think.

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