Saturday, August 7, 2010

Planking! "the Wormhole" round TWO

My Pop and I taped, glued, and clamped this puppy up last night. It took about two hours to do that and 8 0z. Titebond III. Pop showed me a trick leveling the planks. Even still, when I planed them for thickness, I didn't match the sizes exactly so I will be using a hand plane to get them even before gluing to the internal frame. That may prove to be time consuming. I wish I had a power hand plane! But I'm not real good at using one of those and might take too much off. I will stick to hand planing just yet.

The glued together planks from the day before. I'm letting the glue set really well before any planing takes place.

Removing tape on the edges on the bottom first.

Flipping it over and removing the tape from the taped surface. The process took 30 minutes or so.

THE internal frame from the Grain Surfboard Co. "root" kit. The nose section was broken off and I had to glue it. Looks like me, crooked broken nose. The last time I couldn't fit the peices together easily, this time they are too loose so I had to glue them and prop them up with battens and such.

Things are coming along and I should have this board ready for the boat show! *insert loud rebel yell here*

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Gaz said...

Nice work.... looks o'fishil! Keep updating :-)