Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NOAA: Second Warmest July and Warmest Year-to-Date Global Temperature on Record

I calls 'em as I sees 'em!

Here I fattened the tail by gradually raising the thickness of the keel and the three last frames buy gluing on a thicker keel and steaming and gluing the sides of the frames to match the thickess of the raised keel. I did this so I can put a fin box further back on the tail than the board was originally designed for. My intention is to really curve the rails near the tail and move the fin further back on this board for nose riding. I hope it works!

A different view of the modifications that I made to the design. I made the tail 3/8" thicker.

While glue was drying on a cove and bead rail and the modification I decided to manipulate some more wood by removing a few edges of the inside cove side of the strips so I can get a tighter fit to the frames. It worked well. After the few initial strips, I was able to just mark where the frames were on the strip and notch out the inside cove. Fits nice and snug that way. Adds time to the process though. To do one strip on each side is taking over an hour this way. I also am applying glue with a brush to the bead side which also adds more time to the process, but I want a good seal. I wanna fill gaps.

Bed time!

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