Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Full Moon, will be at 1:04 PM Aug 24, 2010

Moon is Waxing right now.

The next morning it was 72 degrees in the shop. There was plenty of time for my brother Keith and I to glue and set the frame in place. It was totally the right thing to do to wait for better temps AND to have a helper! I didn't have the camera with me to get a pic of Keith, but it was a really big help having him to lend a hand with getting those clamps set.

I don't know why those pics are side by side, but oh well.

Left one is just me fiddling.

Right one is me whittling! I had to carve a few of the longer (10') cove and bead strips by hand. I haven't gotten my bits for the shaper in the mail yet. Luckily I won't have to make any more. These were strips given to my by Geoff Mckonly. Leftovers from a class he taught. What sucked was this strip I am working on snapped and I had to make it over 3 times. Some had knots in just the right place, some had rotten spots, and some were just not steamed right. I steamed them with my clothes iron from college. I think this is the first time that I ever used it! Not sure. I may have ironed a few shirts back then. Not anymore! T shirts don't need ironin'!

This is the jig I used to hold the steamed stips in place. I did two strips at a time facing opposite of each other so the bends would be for opposite sides of the board. Jig was another Geoff donation.

The Chine strip is the innermost strip. It's square and gives the board it's ultimate shape. Outside of the Chine strip is the first Bead strip with a flat bottom. This is the base for all the bead and cove strips that will form a curve over the frames for the rail of the board.

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