Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 33, Young's Double Chocolate Stout

This is still my favorite stout so it's going to be a biased report.  

Loooooove is a many splendor-ed thiiiiinnnnnng!  
(Sorry.  Listening to Jerry Blavet on the radio, yes radio)  
Wow, Shirley Bassey can fucking belt out a tune!  What Bond movie did she do,  Goldfinger, right?

I would totally call that a 3 finger head of the tiniest brown Nitrogen bubbles EVER!  I swear the head acts like the ice cream in an ice cream float.  Thank you widget!  Pure Luxury!

Obviously this beer is a stout.  More correctly, a milk/sweet stout because unfermentable sugars are added to give the beer a sweet character to balance the roasted character and hops.

NITRO!  Freaking love nitro cans!  Can't reuse it tho!  Fu@k it!

The beer pours an opaque black/brown and the head is a tan three fingers tall that dwindled down to one finger by the end of the drink and sticks to the glass with, holy heck, solid lacing.  Awesome, but not exactly overly pretty.

Aroma is of dark chocolate malt, coffee, and very apparent Vanilla.  I served this at close to 6 degrees just for that reason, to get the most out of the aroma and it is totally worth it!

This beer, to me, is foremost an ale and that comes out when you sip it.  First you taste the ale malts and their sweetness, then the chocolate malts kick in with the slight hop bitterness.  The bitterness is very balanced with the malts and the unfermentable sugars and is only strongest at the end of the sip which becomes slightly dry.  I smell vanilla, but I only get the faintest hint of it in the taste.  Barely noticeable as compared to the aroma.  So nice.

The mouthfeel is creamy and the body milky sweet.  The carbonation is low, or in this case, nitrogenation and that really allows the sweet to balance the roasted character and hops.  

Have I said that I love this beer?   It is so well balanced, nothing overshadows the other.  Fantastic!

10.  There is no doubt that this will probably remain my most favorite stout.

If you don't like stouts and haven't tried this one.  TRY IT!  Get out there and try it!

Have a great Saturday night everyone.

-Wiss Fish

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