Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brew-per Bowl Sunday Number One!

So like last night I had the starters going on top of my fishtank.  In the 16 hours or so, they were very weak.  Not much activity at all.  Oh well, I don't think it is a big deal.
Above you see my gluten free beer Bleeding Gums Murphy.  It's been in primary fermenters for almost two weeks.  It was mildy active over a long time so I left them in there.  I had to move them out to secondary so that I could use those vessels for my Brew-per Bowl Sunday batches.  So I transferred them over while I was mashing my first batch which is Mocha MaryAnne.  

Here are the grains that I will be using for both batches of beer.  First I will mash out the Mocha MaryAnne stout, and while that is mashing I will heat up water for the next mash in the kettle.  It's a juggling game the whole day utilizing lots of buckets!

Brew-per Bowl Sunday Mashing in.  After I do a good mash and batch sparge this batch, I will again mash the grains for a small beer, called Eddies Small Bier.  The sparges from this first batch is kept in 3 different buckets while I transfer the hot sparge water to the lauter tun.  Then the boil for Mocha MaryAnne starts while Eddies Small Bier mashes.
All in all, from the Mocha MaryAnne I got ten gallons of beer.  From the small bier I got 6.  I was going to bring the small bier up to ten like I had anticipated, but thought it would be quicker, easier and tastier if I just left it at 6 so I adjusted my other ingredients (lactose, etc...) accordingly.  It's a good thing too because I ran out of room in my fermentation chamber and even threw away about a 1/2 gallon good beer because there was no room.  (I forgot about saving the wort for starters, and was too tired by that point anyway)

This packed fermentation chamber could very easily become problematic if anything goes awry!  If I have an explosion and that heater is in there.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  I better go look on that before I burn the place down.

See you later!  Enjoy the game!

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