Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 55, Ommegang Three Philosophers

This Quadruple Belgian beer is like a Belgian Dubble, but basically it's a double dubble!  Where in a dubble twice the amount of malts are used to make a really strong ale, in this four times the amount are used so it's going to be sweet, but balanced and you are going to notice the 10% alcohol, but not overtly.

This beer is actually 98% Quadruple and 2% Kriek (a Kriek is a beer where after vigorous fermentation has started, a butt load of cherries are added to the fermenting beer) so this beer is going to take on a cherry character.
This beer is beautiful and I am going to call it world class!

The beer pored from a  12 oz. bottle dated 2012 and at 55 degrees into a tulip glass was mahogany in color and very clear with a beautiful 2 finger head of tiny bubbles that lasts throughout the drink as a full creamy tan cap with a sticky full and cascading lacing that after a very long wait breaks up into a cracked desert pattern.  One of the best I have ever seen.

At first the aromas are of caramel like malt sweetness with perhaps that notable Belgian yeast aroma and a little bit of cherry.  Half way through the drink as the beer heats up strong alcohol notes float cherry up to your nose and almost commandeer the malt aroma.

Tasting this beer is orgasmic!  You are going to get very nice smooth caramel malts in perfect union (Belgian motto: Strength in Union) with cherry and other dark fruit flavours along with that Belgian yeast taste.  Alcohol is in the mix as well, but not crazy hot like you would think with a 10% ABV beer.  As the beer warms up, the flavors all become distinct, but still even keeled.  Barely any dry hop finish, but it is there and it is just only noticeable making me believe that this is an incredibly balanced beer.

Full creamy sweet mouthfeel  with just above moderate carbonation that kind of effervesces the alcohol notes and fruits to your nose as you sip.  There is a slight warming feeling as you down your sip.  

This beer comes alive as it gets warmer!  It's really interesting and entertaining (10% abv) to drink.  I have a strong feeling that Ommegang is becoming one of my favorite Belgian breweries!  I'm not sure if this beer is absolutely true to it's style, but WOW!  I have to give it high 4's!

I'm going to go ahead and give this beer a 4.5 overall.  Once I get to know this style better, I may be a better judge, it may go up, it may go down.  I don't know, but I am sure to always seek this beer out!

Don't drink crappy beer!  Life is too short!


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