Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Year of Craft Beer, Vol. 43, Homebrew Extravaganza!

Tonight was my homebrew club meeting and I had intended to drink a beer beforehand and blog about it, but I had to tend to my homebrew in the shop and transfer from primary fermenters to seondary and it took a bit longer than I would have wanted.

So I ran to the meeting in the cold without a jacket.

We had so many new and cool people show up that is was damn refreshing!

I had a really good stout from Dock Street.  A brewery that goes much unnoticed in my realm and I need to pay more attention to them!

I am not going to do a review for a beer this evening because it is just beyond my ability and if I did, it would not be fair to Dock Street or any of my homebrewing friends because I did not make any notes at the time.  I was just too involved.  I really apologize and hope that this does not tarnish my goal of a different beer review every night, technically it does, but as beer enthusiasts, I hope you understand.

As a good friend said to me recently:  Life is too short to drink crappy beer!

Hope you all had a great Fat Tuesday (foshnot day) and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night!


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