Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brew-per Bowl Number One starts tomorrow!

So it's time to brew again and I am going to do Mocha MaryAnne once again in a ten gallon batch and catch the second runnings off of it for a Small Bier.

It seems like a perfect day to do it, on the day of the "kinda large game" tm.  (so I don't get sued by ABC)

I'll be having folks over to enjoy the fine art of brewing and hopefully they will bring beer, food and firewood for the new furnace in the shop!  Freaking 17 degrees!  I have to get the water to the shop flowing some how.  I'll make it work!

I'm sprucing up the ingredient list.  Tweaks here and there.  I did a yeast starter only the night before for both brews.  It's not going to be a full 3 days and they won't be at their pan ultimate peak of yeastiness, but 12 - 16 hours should do:
The only place that I could find with a temperature that doesn't fluctuate is on top of Blue's tank.  I have no stir plate yet, so I just swirl them every so often.  I got White Labs Ale yeast (WP 002) for the stout and Lallemand Windsor with a small amount of WP 002 for the small bier.  Activity is starting to pick up now that they have been in the containers for about an hour.  Nice!

A'ight folks, have a great night, enjoy the football game tomorrow night.  I should be done brewing before its start and go eat with my Mom and Dad and shoot the shit.

Good night!

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